What it means to be bicultural & multiethnic

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  I'll be discussing issues related to race and ethnic groups here, about being bicultural and multiethnic and what that all means.

America being the melting pot will continue to become more mixed ethnically and we will see worldwide, it's inevitable and it is a good thing I believe, more people who are of mixed ethnicities, part black, white, Asian, Caucasian, Arab, Indian, Native American, African, etc. are cropping up in all parts of the world, for the most partgaining notoriety in a good way. The fastest way to achieve peace in a region of tit-for-tat ethnic strife is for people who fitinto both camps to mediate and show both sides the potential in setting aside small differences. We are seeing more people every day who fit this bill and are deemed physically "beautiful" or "exotique" by society. Well to me all of God's creatures are beautiful and He tells us this repeatedly, especially about humans.

The Dozier Clan - From the Bordeaux region of France, makers of tapestries, first one on the boat to come over: Unknown. Supposedly landed in Florida, some stayed, some ventured to Louisiana where the majority of French immigrants headed. Our direct descendants ended up, for Lord knows what reason!, in Arkansas.
Great-great-great-great? Grandfather owned a plantation near DeQueen and also was a slave owner and supposedly walkedoff land where one of the largest oil finds in Arkansas was discovered.

Great Grandfather William (Will) Dozier - Born, raised and died in Arkansas, for the most part in the southwestern town of Waldron, where many of the Arkansas-based Doziers are from.
Great Grandmother Estee Watkins - Born, raised and died in Arkansas, also lived in Broken Bow, where she raised my father, William David Dozier. Was part French, British and Cherokee. Remarried Dr. Hornsby (who was a distant cousin of the baseball great Rogers Hornsby).
Grandfather: Paul William Dozier - Born in Waldron, AK, died in Broken Bow, OK. Moved to Oklahoma to work on WPA projects and was a civil engineer and also operated a drug store complete with a soda fountain.
Father William David Dozier - Born in Waldron, AK, died in Tulsa, OK. Lived in AK, OK, MS, Tokyo and Osaka, and England.

Grandmother: Willa Mae Slight (Parsons) - Born, raised and died in Arkansas, but lived for a few years in Broken Bow, OK. Was part German, Dutch, and Scots-Irish. Divorced from Paul William Dozier when my father was 5 years old.

The Yamamoto & Aoyanagi Clans - Originate from Akura, a village just behind Okayama Bay, which is about 30 minutes by car from Okayama City.

Great-grandfather: -
Great-grandfather: -

Grandmother: Sugako Yamamoto - From Akura, Okayama Prefecture which has since been incorporated into Okayama City, the traditional gateway to the Shikoku islands.
Grandfather: Yoshizo Aoyagi - Owned a business trading heating oil and kerosene, became somewhat wealthy but was divorced from Sugako Yamamoto when my mom was 4.

To Be Continued...