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From Hokkaido ~ Okinawa

     Native America
       • Dozier & Yamamoto clans
       • Oklahoma
       • Oklahoma's History
       • Tulsa
       • Booker T.
       • Oklahoma State
       • Turley Jets

       • Japan
       • Tokyo
       • Tokyo Eagles Baseball
       • Hapa Club
       • Burnt Toast Club

     The Lowdown
       • Fotos
       • Sports
       • Music
       • Politics
       • Belief Systems
       • Ethnicities
       • Graphics
       • Linx

     Former Hoods
       • Michigan
       • Tennessee

  Japan really is a very lovely country once you get outside its drab cities. Some people I know think it's THE prettiest country on the planet. I have seen some places whereby I would put it up there but I need to do more traveling before I can give it that claim to fame. There are indeed some very picturesque spots caused by earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural (God?) forces acting upon it.

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