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Other sites I have &/or made: - I used Bob up until high school; the main reason I was b/c one of my best friends in elementary school and jr. high was named Bobby (Yandell) and so as to avoid confusion amongst our friends and teachers used Bob, but I'm not a big fan of it. Maybe Robby would have been better, or Rob, since I was a huge fan of Roberto Clemente.
Hapa Club - Website of an organization I started, now defunct or is that de-funked?, which grew to over 150 members.
PhilAm, LLC- Places Pinoy nurses in healthcare facilities in the mid-south region of the United States. - Provides information for Filipino nurses wishing to work in the U.S.
A-CROSS Corporation - My friend's company in Tokyo which provides international moving services and imports and exports products. - Same company as above, different website design. - Ditto ^ ! - Friend's company in Tokyo which distributes Japanese screens ("byobu"), to clients overseas. - Same byobu, site has a different design.

First off, mad props to my L.A. homeskillet and great paper artist Jeff Nishinaka of L.A., aka La-La Land. If I ever get enough money I will commission Jeff to make me one of his fantastic creations of me hitting a home run in a stadium like Wrigley. Another friend's company: PLATINUM Ltd. - Real estate consulting/brokerage firm located in central Tokyo specializing in the buying and selling of commercial and residential real estate, as well as serving the expatriate community, individuals and companies in the leasing of residential and commercial properties.

A site I use at least 30 times per day is Google. I love the simplicity and the speed and the company is run by progressive and cool people. The only problem with it is it doesn't narrow the search parameters enough if you're searching for specific data and their directory, produced by Netscape's Open Directory, is going to take a long time to categorize the entitre Internet. That's a Herculean task I do not envy, having made a directory of over 83,000 listings in 18 months. I see it taking decades, people don't want to do that stuff for free, although they've been somewhat successful doing just it thus far. What I would do is team up with regional sites which categorize websites around the world and dump the Open Directory in those categories...

Here's some other sites that I visit regularly:
The Louisiana and Cajun Website Directory - This great site, which I have only begun visiting recently is great, provides a wealth of links and content related to Cajuns, i.e. us Frenchies whose roots hailed from the great state of Louisiana. Man, the people from the Bayou State are great and friendly, go LSU and especially the Ragin Cajuns of Louisiana Lafayette!

Sports Illustrated - Good sports articles, plus if you're a single man they've got some nice swimsuits!
ESPN - Originally called Entertainment Sports Programming Network or something like that...easily one of the best sports websites around.
ESPN columnist Peter Gammons - One of the best baseball writers around, lots of insight and commentary, most of which I agree with. Mr. Gammons used to write for the Boston Globe and is an avid Bosox fan, which for me isn't a bad thing, I like the Red Sax too!
Amazon - Hey if this E-tailer can't make it, can anyone? They do a wonderful job in my view, I always get my stuff on time with the order correct every time. I hope Jeff Bezos makes millions, he is a visionary. Just think. my friend's colleague, who worked w/ Bezos at Bankers Trust, could've put in $10,000 in the very beginning, and at the time of the Internet bubble that investment was worth over $25 million!!!