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  Well I did not use a lot of red here cause I'm a commie, heh heh! I think it's a good theory but not practical because people are too selfish for it to be practical. That was part of what led to its downfall in the Eastern European countries. And what was idiotic of the two Jewish men who propagated Marxism, which most communists "used" to propagate their theory, Karl Marx and Frederich Engels, was their idea to exclude God and His influence from the masses. Why did they even go there? Many people revolted and a huge brain drain of brilliant engineers, scientists, doctors and computer programmers resulted.

Socialism is a good theory as well but it usually causes people to overuse social services and creates welfare societies where taxes around 50% is the norm, how practical is that? One can argue, using Norway at its model, as to how socialism works well but is their standard of living as good as democratic countries like Canada, Australia and the U.S.? Some say yes, somesay no way.

Well I'll add more thoughts here in due course, I'm a person who thinks a person's religion and political beliefs go hand in hand.