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Coming soon, bd's comments on sports from around the world!!! I know, who cares? For now here's a few links to some ofmy favorite sports-related sites:

Minor League Baseball - Baseball at its finest! It's professional yet not over commercialized nor dominated by spoiled millionaires, er billionaires, I'm talking about MLB's owners of course. The great thing about Minor League Baseball is the involvement of the local communities nationwide where the teams are based and seeing the hunger which exists for these guys trying to get to the top. Plus in my book minor league teams have the best logos in all of sports, the designs are far better than any of the MLB teams.
Sports Illustrated - Good sports articles, up-to-date scores, plus if you're a single man they've got some nice swimsuits!
ESPN - Stands for Entertainment Sports Programming Network...easily one of the best sports websites around, and of the course the best sports channel in the world.
ESPN columnist Peter Gammons - One of the best baseball writers around, lots of insights. Gammons used to write for the Boston Globe and is an avid Bosox fan, which for me isn't a bad thing, I've liked the "Red Sax" ever since I was a little kid and became a fan of Carl Yazstremski (first uni # was 8) and Carlton Fisk!

Other links:
Oklahoma State Cowboys/Cowgirls - Collegiate sports at its finest. Well, Okie State doesn't have the largest sports budget around but gets great value for its money with strong programs in basketball, wrestling, baseball and golf. And look out, the football team is on the rise again!
Tennessee Volunteers - Official site of UT's sports teams.
Michigan Wolverines - Official site for University of Michigan's sports teams. I shouldn't cheer for them because they are not a "State" school but grew up loving their football team and those helmets!
Michigan State Spartans - Great basketball program and always competitive football team but not quite in UM's class.

More later with comments about all that's wrong and right about sports.