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  Gotta have a Tennessee page, I lived in Nashville as a kid and loved it. Tennesseans are very friendly, down-to-Earth folks and had my mom, older brother and I convinced our father not to move to Okieville, we might be living there now. Oh well, that's the way life is sometimes...

What is great about Tennessee besides the people are the lakes. We used to go fishing all the time all over Nashville, my dad once lost the outboard motor to our aluminum boat. For some reason it fell off into the water - maybe he didn't have it bolted down far enough on the mount - as we were towing out, in about 6 feet of water! We were worried sick because he was underwater for what seemed like a minute and he amazed us when he came up with it. Mounted it back on the aluminum boat and off we went, 20 minutes later, to catch some crappie!!!

The valleys around Nashville are something incredible too, the rolling hills, some of the prettiest country in all of the U.S. and land the Cherokee Nation did not want to leave. They were forced to march to "Indian Territory" in what is now Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears and their territory in Tennessee was basically stolen from a backstabbing man who became president knownas Andrew Jackson. I feel compelled to say something about this, why do we honor such a man by putting his ugly mug on the $20 bill?

I don't remember going there but supposedly Knoxville is a great little city with beautiful terrain and home of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, home of the Volunteers. They have some great sports fans in Tennessee and have what was known as the Houston Oilers, the Tennessee Titans who play in Nashville.

The city of Nashville has grown tremendously since we moved from there in 1965. Of course most people know it as the Country Music Capital of the World but it's a nice liveable city with friendly people and some nice weather. I know I wanna go back for a visit the next chance I have...

Memphis is a nice southern town too and home of Elvis "The Pelvis" Presley. Not to belittle Elvis or anything, I can't say I'm a fan or anything, the guy obviously had some talent - he could sing and dance - but in my opinion he simply copied black music and artists and adapted it to the commercial market. His sound was very much a commercial version of R & B as were other "mainstream" artists of that era.

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Memphis Grizzlies - Need to change the name of their mascot, when's the last time a grizzly was spotted in Tennessee, the Ice Age?! Still it's not as dumb as the Los Angeles Lakers!!!

Austin Peay State University
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