Bobby Dozier, Greg Wood, Gary Leak, Joe Felts, Kelly Steinhouse, Eddie Corley, Danny Sitzmann, John Palone, Marty Wood
turley jets
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Pee Wee Baseball Team
Bobby Dozier, Greg Wood, Danny Sitzmann, Eddie Corley, John Palone, Ricky Robertson

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  Bobby Dozier during his Turley Jets days, the half-Asian slugger bopping heads in Tulsa Little LeagueAny stragglers who used to play for the Turley Jets out there lurking? Please drop me a line if you somehow found me, would like to hear from old teammates, opponents and friends. The Turley Jets were a motley crew of kids who went to Cherokee Elementary School in north Tulsa and played competitively but never were champions, although we did finish twice a couple of years.

It was usually the (William) Penn Cougars who whupped out tails but their team was stacked w/ good and great athletes and they were the top team in the Tulsa area. That team consisted of guys like Jesse Vann, Greg Cook, Ricky Miller, my high school teammates Pee Wee Lehman and Jeff Webster, Bruce Watts, Wes Bussman, Mike Cline, Brad Sparkman, and some other punks whose names I can't remember! The (Wiley) Post team was also good but we started winning from Pee Wee A ball onward after they lost their lefty ace Kyle McCahn. Unfortunately for the Turley Jets we lost our ace and best player too, Greg Wood.

Greg was one of the best baseball players I've ever seen, he was a pitcher and played shortstop. Would love to hear from you, send me a message if by chance you get this! Greg's father was a minister, has an older brother named Alan who also played baseball and was a very good player. Jeff Webster, who became a very close friend and who played against us, for the Penn Cougars, reckons Greg wasn't as great as I think he was but Jeff never gives another dude credit (and I'm sure Greg struck him out more than once!) and did not play with Greg all the time like I did. Penn kicked our tails, and were the Tulsa champs for many years, but so did a lot of teams but we were competitive, an upper middle-tier team when Greg was on the team. It all went downhill for the Jets once he moved away...

Some sad news, Jerry Hightower passed away in 2002 of cancer. His cousin, Robert Hightower, who played with us for two years is a minister in Ardmore and going for his Ph.D. in theology. Gary Leak, another lifelong paisan, who played one year w/ the Jets, if memory serves correctly, is still in the Tulsa area, as is Joe Felts who also played for one season, and Kelly Steinhouse whose dad was assistant coach.

Some other lugnuts whose names I can recall but unsure where they are!:

Eddie Corley (P, 3B)
Danny Sitzmann (OF)
John Palone (SS)
Ricky Robertson (OF?)
Marty Wood (2B) - Marty's father used to be the coach